Research Excellence Award from the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research, for contributions in the area of Information & Communication Technology, July 2012.


Period Project Title
2001-2002 Development and Analysis of an Architecture for Distributed Systems of Networked Instruments
2003-2004 Architecture for mobile agents with xml transport
2004-2005 Mobile Agent Frameworks for Enhanced Security and Wireless Device Support
2004-2005 Discovering hierarchical index structures in time series data archives
Spring term, 2005 Mobile learning backed by a knowledgebase
One Term Paid Leave 2005-2006 A dynamic and adaptive database caching strategy in mobile ad-hoc networks
2005-2006 Trustworthy Distributed Computing
2006-2006 A Cooperative Computing Framework for Handheld Devices
2005-2006 Knowledgebase development for mobile environment
2006-2007 Deriving time and space complexity for SQL queries for use by mobile devices in MANETs
2007-2008 Forming a distributed database from standalone mobile databases in mobile ad hoc networks
2007-2008 Interoperability framework for a mobile ad-hoc network formed by heterogeneous devices
2008-2009 Dynamic discovery and invocation of Web Services from mobile devices
2008-2009 Enabling mobile device users to gain access to Web data and services with minimal intervention
2009-2010 Developing a short range cognitive radio system for vehicle ad hoc networks to assist road safety applications
2009-2010 Securing the Dynamic Discovery and Invocation from Mobile Devices
2010-2011 Enhancing the Reliability of Dynamic Discovery and Invocation of Web Services from Mobile Devices
2010-2013 A Distributed Reconfigurable Active Storage Platform for Data-Intensive Applications
2011-2012 Privacy Preserving Targeted Mobile Advertising
2011-2013 Economic Value of Mobile Advertising and Billing

Established Labs

Established the Distributed and Mobile Computing Lab, which was funded by the Tempus project at a cost of approximately $62K. This lab allows for doing research relating to distributed systems and databases and to mobile computing and wireless ad-hoc networking. For teaching, it is used in conjunction with the courses Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Networks, Pervasive Computing, Distributed Databases, and Web Server Design. The lab equipments include two high-end servers, 12 workstations, over 20 mobile computing devices, development kits at the OS and driver levels, and wireless access points.

Program Development Grants

Period Funding Agency Amount
2004 TEMPUS Individual Mobility Grant: Attend an IT conference in Europe TEMPUS (a body of the EU Commission) Є1600
2005-2008 TEMPUS Joint European Project: Collaborative IT Program for Education and Research † TEMPUS (a body of the EU Commission) Є496,000
2004-2006 Mediterranean Virtual University (MVU). EU project to develop online courses ‡ EU Commission Є200,000
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