Research Projects

Supervised or currently supervising the following Master Theses:

  • “A single file database informative web site”, 12-2002.
  • “Web site personalization and customization: a client approach”, 6-2003.
  • “Image retrieval using wavelet methods”, 12-2003.
  • “A framework for implementing mobile agents using Web Services”, 6-2004.
  • “A dynamic mobile agent approach to intrusion detection”, 1-2005.
  • “Automatic generation of handheld web pages and caching on Web servers”, 6-2005.
  • “Compact SQL for MANETS”, 5-2005
  • “Tuple space-based routing for Ad Hoc networks”, 10-2005.
  • “A Scalable caching framework in MANETs”, 6-2006.
  • “Low-level Interoperability between mobile devices”, 9-2006.
  • “Semantic caching for COACS”, 2-2007
  • “Determination and evaluating database query complexity”, 5-2007.
  • “Consuming web services and caching their responses in mobile ad-hoc networks”, 4-2007.
  • “A framework to form a distributed database environment from disparate mobile databases in manets”, 5-2007.
  • “Implementation of a distributed mobile database on bluetooth-enabled mobile devices”, 6-2007.
  • “Design and implementation of an ad hoc network utilizing the LIME II tuple space framework on mobile devices”, 9-2007.
  • “distributed database framework for MANETs”, continuing
  • “Hybrid Geographic-Proactive Routing Protocol for MANETs”, continuing
  • “Cluster joining control in LIME tuple spaces”, continuing
  • “Improving Data Communications in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks via Cognitive Radio Techniques”, continuing
  • “Analysis and Cooperative Methods for Information Dissemination in Vehicle Ad hoc Networks”
  • “Anonymity in Hybrid Network for Peer to Peer Multimedia applications”, ongoing
  • “Trust and Privacy in Cloud Computing” ongoing
  • “Service modeling in Open Cloud Computing”, ongoing
  • “Analysis of using Cellular Networks for Vehicle to Vehicle applications”, ongoing
  • “Software Profilers for Multi-core Systems”, ongoing
  • 2013-2015 Privacy preservation for mobile ad requests and billing, for cached data requests in MANETs, and for VoIP over hybrid networks, ongoing
  • 2013-2015 Web server collaboration for mapping of Internet traffic, ongoing
  • 2013-2016 Serverless Mobile Cloud Computing
  • 2014-2016 Service discovery and consuming in LTE networks in the framework of D2D Communications, ongoing
  • 2014-2016 LTE Carrier aggregation with WiFi, ongoing
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